July 09 Day 59

t's been a ridiculous week since I last posted.  I have been incredibly busy working with the pups.  Up at 430 and to bed at 10pm.  Instead of writing, I've been working with the puppies getting them socialized and crate training them.  They have all been out on their own many times.  I've brought them to hardware stores, supermarkets, parks, etc.  They are all bold and confident making the work well worth while.  In addition puppy owners have been coming to the house to visit.

Finally had some hot enough weather to get the puppies playing with water but not warm enough for them to attempt swimming.  To be honest, I've never had success getting puppies to play in a kiddie pool but it was fun to watch them try to figure out the sprinkler and at least see that water is more than something to drink ;)

Little did they know... a Real water adventure was just around the corner.....

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