MAY 14 DAY 3

AKA... no tail docking/dewclaw day!

Normally day three is the day tails are docked and dewclaws removed.  I have been considering leaving my puppies 'natural' with each litter.  In Ico's litter I left the dewclaws on the puppy that I planned to keep.  After having experienced what it's like to have a poodle with dewclaws I came to the realization that they are not flimsy superfluous growths on their legs that will easily tear off.  A poodle's dewclaw is Webbed like the rest of their toes and it is a true toe.  I'm excited to see how these puppies progress with their tails and dewclaws intact.  
Normally I would have taken the puppies to the vet today and Nickel would have had to stay in the car (wondering why her babies were being taken away) so she couldn't hear her pups cry during the procedure.  It is very quick and the puppies go right back to nursing after the procedure... but is is minor surgery.  I'm happy to not have to deal with the stress involved during this hour and the worry of infection the following days.  I'm also looking forward to seeing the puppies running and playing with their beautiful 'number 9' tails... just like their Daddy :0)

Here's a wave of the flag for Full Flying Tails

Nickel's New Doo

My Friend Cat came to visit me... ok... the puppies, last night.  She told me that I HAD to cut Nickel down.  She said that she looked frumpy, too much hair and she was way too hot.  You see,  Puppies can't regulate their own body temperature for the first week of life.  There is a heated 'whelping dish' built into the whelping box that stays at a constant temperature of 90 degrees. On top of this it's necessary to heat the room.  I try to find a balance between keeping the puppies warm and not overheating  mom.  The ambient temperature is around 80 degrees.  On top of this, while a Mom is nursing she is burning calories like crazy.  Calories burned = increased temperature.  So!  can you see why Nickel might be a little too warm?

proud mama in front of the whelping box

Now lets get acquainted with our new family members!!

Yellow Boy and Green Boy

White Girl and Black Boy 

Orange Boy
Green Girl and Pink Boy


Pink Boy and Purple Girl

Blue Girl


Purple Girl

Leopard Spot Girl

Leopard Spot Girl and Pink Boy



Belly Up