April 26 Day 47

Today's Topic:  Raw Diet

I spent about 6 hours on Sunday grinding 100 pounds of raw liver, kidneys, lungs and organic venison for the dogs.  I also ground 50 pounds of fresh sardines.  Needless to say Raw Feeding has been on my mind lately!  Here is a little bit about Raw Diet.  I will try to post more later....

Face it,  I got Corsa (my first dog) in the late 90's.  There was very little information about the effects of over vaccinating our dogs or canine diets.  I've learned a lot in the past decade and I've come a long way!  Corsa was given every vaccination recommended by my vet and she was on a 'hign end' kibble.  I thought that I was doing the very best for her.... and based on the current atmosphere... I was.  Corsa is 13 years old!  and has multiple autoimmune issues and epilepsy.  Hey,  I'm not really complaining because for her age she is in awesome shape.   I do,  however wonder about the origin of her Immune mediated illnesses and the incredible vaccine load I gave her.  I contribute (of course I have to take credit for this... remember my God Complex!)  her longevity and old age stamina  on the raw diet and subsequent cessation of all vaccinations (including Rabies... don't tell).  Of course I do routine Titers on all my dogs to make sure that they have full immunity! 

I've adopted a regime of Raw Diet and minimal vaccination for all of my dogs.  Please know that this doesn't mean that my dogs aren't protected against the major communicably transmitted canine diseases!   I am very careful to routinely do a 'titer' for the normally vaccinated diseases on a strict schedule.

My friend Karen Green of  Desert Reef Standard Poodles sent me this very interesting link about this very subject:  Dr. Jeff Bergin on Responsible Dog Breeding Practices

April 25 Day 46- Dedicated to Phil and Jackie

April 25 was a day of mixed emotions. 

The first experience of the day was to feel a puppy for the first time.  I was still in bed and had my hand resting on Nickel's belly.  I suddenly felt the hard poke of the puppy rub against my hand.  I had a sudden Flash in my mind of a tiny front foot.  It was a magical moment.  In the next week there will be more movement and soon I will be able to see the puppies moving.  They seem to be very high up and mostly back under her ribs.  I expect in the next week they will drop some.

I also woke up the the realization that it was the 16th anniversary of my husband Phil's death.  I don't normally make a public announcement about it, but it seem fitting here since this is a blog about LIFE... and Life is intricately interwoven with Death in a oddly beautiful juxtaposition.
Phil and his favorite shirt

     I will never forget TinTin's delivery.  The last puppy was born some time in the wee hours of the night and I found myself alone and exhausted.  I was sitting next to the whelping box with a goblet of wine,  my back against the wall and head resting on a makeshift pillow.   The only sound and motion was that of the puppies, contently whimpering and suckling.  I had an immense feeling that Phil was there with me.... how could he not?  Here before me was the beginning of new life...  tiny embodiments of the Key To The Cosmos- that gossamer thread that connects life and death.  I understood for the first time that there is no end... as the end is part of the beginning.  We are all infinite threads woven into one.   I relaxed into my thoughts, embraced my grief and joy, and watched in awe as the burbling puppies nursed.

April 25th took another dear heart.... The Grande Dame Jackie.  Her pedigree name was Ch Majessa Three Times A Lady and yes, she was  a Champion in many ways. Jackie, was a very special poodle that Cat has taken care of for the past 3 or 4 years.  In her uniquely special way, she had taken Jackie into her Heart and Home.  My thoughts are with Jackie's owners and with Cat.

Ch Majessa Three Times A Lady AKA Jackie
10/13/1995- 4/25/2011
July 2010- at Poodle Palooza