April 24 Day 45... Continued

where's Eureka?

Last night, with a stethescope,  I could hear puppies moving.

April 24 Day 45...

 Psuedopregnancy....It's been quite funny to watch TinTin vying for belly rubs and bonbons.  Now she is trying to nest.  

There's a fold out guest bed in the room next to the whelping room.  This is where I have slept in the past so I can be close to mom and babies.  I always move down stairs about three weeks before babies are due so all the dogs can get used to the routine and Mom can start sleeping in the whelping box.  

When TinTin was pregnant she took to sleeping under the bed at night.  Here is a picture of her trying to squeeze under the bed just a few hours before delivering.  She was like a bloated tick and could only manage to get her head and shoulders in the space where just days earlier she fit her entire body.
TinTin ... bless her heart ;)

Last year Ico, too, decided that under the bed was a prime nesting spot.  In her attempts to make the under bed spot more comfortable she proceeded to dig a hug hole in the carpeting.  She even tried to get under there for the delivery.  Good thing she decided the whelping box made a second best option.

Well,  Nickel is following family tradition and last night took up residence.. where?... under the bed.  I was working in the room and the poodle pack was settled in all around me.  When I got up to leave I couldn't find Nickel.  Lo and behold there she was... sleeping under the bed.  She's never crawled under there before.  

Remember how I told you that TinTin thinks she's pregnant?  Guess where she is right now?  

TinTin re-escavating the hole in the carpet
Don't tell ME I'm not pregnant!!!!

Do you think in the next three weeks they'll be squeezing under there together?