May 5 Day 56

Nickel says, 'Urp'
Ookus mookus (spelled phonetically) is Nepalese for, "I'm full to the point of exploding!"

May 4 Day 55

Day 55
This is really cruel of me but I couldn't resist posting this pic (opposed to the one I took right after this) because it had Eurkea in it (yet again) but it caught her in a compromised position... I know, I don't have much class... LOL!

Nickel's waist is 28 1/2 today.  I think I already mentioned that she's only gained 9 pounds.  I suspect that in the next week, with increased food and growing pups, she will gain quite a bit more.  According to the Puppy development chart the puppies wont increase in size too dramatically the last week... maybe growing another inch in length.  Energy is now being put into final development of organs, calcification of bones and hair.

Mom and Daughter... Still hanging out.  
I plan to have Corsa, Eureka and Mica go to Cat's house next week.  They will stay with their Auntie (and Poodle Goddess) until a few days after the puppies are born.  We will bring them back to the house one at a time and see how Nickel feels about things.  In the mean time, TinTin will remain at the house.  I believe that TinTin will provide moral support for her daughter.  There's always the chance that Nickel won't want TinTin in the area.... we'll see!
Nickel and TinTin

Nickel (top) and TinTin chewing bones in the whelping box