April 6 Day 27

OK!  So give me a break! ;)    I settle in for the evening to work on my Blog.  Settle in means crawling into bed, Corsa on the left top,  Eureka on the bottom left, TinTin in the crate next to the bed (she doesn't like being crowded ;), Mica on bottom right and Nicke on the upper right.  Ah Nickel... She has a particular routine.  She moves to about 10 inches of my right shoulder, turns counter clockwise until her back is against me and collapses into my body.  I don't think she could get any closer.
But that's not all,  she insists that I put my arm around her so she can rest her right paw and chin over my right arm.  Sounds all fine and dandy doesn't it?  Except that how  on earth do I type on my laptop?  Sometimes I try to type only with my left hand.  I can do it, mind you.   Takes about 5 minutes to write one sentence (hence all my typos...L0L).  So what's a grand ma do do?  Should I move my arm so I can type?   Nah... I take the opportunity to give her belly rubs.  I think about how those little pups might be taking in the vibrations of their, eh hem...... great grand mammie!   I love to think that even at this stage of the game I might be having some cosmic relationship with them.  Yeah Ok,  so My therapist says that I have a God Complex.  but really!   ;^)

On a serious note, today I felt a puppy!  I palpated her tummy and could feel that tell tale 'walnut.'   I think that Nickel is carrying the pups high up under her ribs.  That's not uncommon in the beginnings of pregnancy and I don't think it has any baring on the number.  I only felt one, but I wasn't going to start poking around for more :)

Nickel has her ultrasound scheduled for Monday night.  I'll either be posting Monday (late) or Tuesday morning.... ha ha ha!  Like I could wait until Tuesday to tell everyone!