April 14 Day 35

Nickel has actually been back to *near* normal level of playing, retrieving and some rough housing.  She definitely seems to be feeling better.  In between her activities she sleeps Very deeply.    Here she is on our walk this morning:

Since I had no case at work, I'm still recovering from the flu and Mica is visiting Auntie Cat, I decided to crawl back into bed after our walk.  Hummmmm.... none of the girls argued with me :)  I got my lap top and started working and Nickel and TinTin snuggled in beside me.  I get a kick out of the way TinTin 'mama handles' Nickel.  Reminds me of a little old lady babying her 250 pound 50 year old son around..  

Later today I hope to load an assortment of Nickel pics... from puppihood til today.  Stay tuned!