April 7 Day 28 The Fetal Days

Eureka and TinTin

So.... I started to wonder.... When does an embryo become a fetus.  It wasn't easy to find the answer for a dog.   I used the info for humans and translated it to the (much faster by 4x ) development in the dog.  

Guess what?  Tomorrow as we enter into our 4th week we will begin the 2nd trimester and this is (according to the Mayo Clinic) when an embryo officially becomes a fetus.


" The first stage of the fetus begins toward the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.  At the end of the first trimester, it officially becomes a fetus.  According to Epigee Health & Fitness, the fetus has facial features at this stage, and it's heart has already started beating.  Its organs are now mostly formed and working.  The second stage of a fetus runs throughout the second trimester.  The fetus develops its eyelids, nails and hair during this stage....  According to the May Clinic, it also starts to produce and eliminate urine.  Its inner ear bones develop enough to detect sound, and it can now start to hear noises outside the womb.  It will also start... to move around.  During this stage, the mother will start to feel that movement.  The brain goes into a rapid develop[ment] phase by the end of this stage. "