April 12 Day 33


I'd like to dedicate this day to the beloved boy Monty, owned by Robyn and Bob Scola, who was lost too early in his live by a tragic accident.  He was Nickel's secret love... as they'd find each other at the dog park and flirt and flirt and flirt.  Monty was known throughout the dog park because of his Rasta Hair doo and his dynamic personality.  He always had a smile on his lips whether it was due to an impish desire to tease another dog or simple joy in a full-out chase with the ones he loved.   Monty had his femoral head removed at a very young age but bounced back from it in such a way that it was hard to detect.  He never let anything get in the way of his joy and  he believed that every day was a reason to celebrate.   

Monty we will all miss you terribly.  You were an Adonis ... a rock star... and a Romeo.

We send many many poodley hugs and kisses to your family.