May 8 Day 59

Since we're so Close and yet So Far...

I hate to admit it... but we're all camped out in the whelping box tonight.  I know I'm a bit eccentric, but it is a lot like the good old days camping out.  I used to bring two tents..  one for me and one for the dogs.  In truth, we'd all end up spilling over into one tent.  The Whelping box it 4' x 5'.  I made it with my own  building plans specifically so I could fit in it with my girlie.   Little did I know that I'd be snuggled in with Momma Poodle, Her Mom and our dear Corsa Bella.  It's quite cozy as I'm watching a Movie on Netflix, Working on my blog, and nestling with the girlies.  Mica is laying next to the door and Eureka is just outside.  I'm sure, given the opportunity and time, they'd all end up in here.  Frankly, at this point in time it's more roomy than the guest bed that we're sleeping on!!! ha ha ha.

Here's a view from inside the "Nest."
Black area in the back of a beautiful quit that Lavena Chapman made (you'll see it in subsequent photos),  the pattern in the right upper corner is a tapestry Phil and I bought in Ecuador 20yrs ago, the heart material and other clutter is the 'work station out side the box.  The fuzzy head on the left is Nickel on and on the right is Corsa.

I thought I'd make today's blog all about the last few days of Nickel (et al) playing.  She's  still going strong and not showing any signs of wanting to settle into motherhood.  Pups are rolling and turning in her belly... but apparently not ready to venture into their new world :)

Yesterday we went to the Arboretum for a great poodle play.  Cat had a few of her poodle charges and (of course) her black beauty, Vita.  I had all my girls (and boy).  The all had a fantastic time.  First of all, it wasn't raining!  and secondly, it had been a very long time since we've ventured to this wonderful spot. 

Today we went to see Cassie, the wonderful Water Therapy Guru.  She works on both Vita and Corsa.  Abut 6 months ago, Corsa was so sore from her arthritis that she would be painful in the morning.  She is doing a lot better now and even as a few puppy moments everyday.  Of course TinTin and Nickel will do anything to get in the water too. Once in a while we indulge them with a swim.  It took a little to convince Nickel that she wasn't allowed to jump into the pool like she normally does!  You can see I put a flotation device around Nickel's belly.  The first time she went in she was swimming bottom down... I guess her puppies aren't very buoyant!  Do we get to call this their first swim?

BiG MaMa  after a day of Play

May 7 Day 58

From this day on,  it's safe for puppies to be delivered.