April 9 Day 30 Stoli Continued....

As I said earlier,  Stoli was flown at a very young age from Russia to the US.  His first stop wasn't Seattle.  He lived in California for the first 9 months.  At that point he came to live with me until I could find a "Forever" home for him.  He didn't take long to adapt to the Alchmy Pack and learn that playing at the dog park, a raw meat diet and sharing his space on the King sized bed wasn't bad.  His temperament is so solid I called him the 'bounce back boy,'   If something new was thrown at him, he'd stop and think and then take it in without another blink.  

I had him for about two months before he moved to Sequim

Life in Seattle

TinTin    Stoli    Nickel

Eureka and Stoli

 Corsa and Stoli

The famous Number 9 Tail

Corsa  and Stoli 

The (eh hem... ) love afair started

But he was a bit of a Paramour :)

Stoli and Eureka