June 13 Day 33

Puppies are just starting to recognize people as people.  Up until now they've perceived everything as being a potential Milk Bar.  Now they are starting to interact for the sake of interacting itself.

 It's the age of interaction... They're experimenting with role playing within the pack.  They're learning how to play.   Their depth perception is improving so they can follow moving objects... They're starting to RUN! :)


June 12 Day 32

Mica was in his first AKC show... We didn't win but I was very proud of him ;)

One of the benefits of not wining anything is that you get to go home early ;)  Usually that doesn't make loosing feel better but Today it allowed us to enjoy a gorgeously sunny day and the sweetness of puppies.    
After getting home and everyone settled I had a surprise visit from the two little girls from down the road, Angelica and Danielle.  Angelica can be a bit precocious so I  knew I'd have to lay down some rules to safe guard the puppies.  They did fabulously and Here's a little visual of their visit...

Jordan and Pink

Angelica and Blaze

Finding the Tickle spot

June 11 Day 31


CAThe Big Girls need to be protected from the wild Piranha Puppies wild needle toothed chewing.  They'll tolerate the puppies climbing on them and trying to nibble their toes but this ultimately ends in a very painful bite.... trust me I know~ ;)
At work, my disposable machine parts come in big white plastic tubs.  These tubs are useful for all kinds of things (besides floating in the ocean or landing in a land fill).   During puppy days the tubs make the perfect perch for the girls.  I fill them with dog beds and they are raised about 10 inches off the ground....Both comfy and functional.  The slippery surface prevents the puppies from climbing up.  
Not a fashion statement
But it makes everyone happy.

 You've might have been seeing a few of these in the photo back grounds.


June 10 Day 30

Mov'n On Up to a deluxe apartment!

Whelping box started out 4x5.  When the puppies started to walk I opened it to a potty area just outside.  The puppies decided that it was time for more space and made a break for it.....
The white gates were trampled and you can see the puppy piled up on the dog bed.  I took the picture from inside the whelping box looking out...

Let the Games Begin!




TEAL and Blaze


June 8 Day 28


Puppies are being weaned onto a raw diet.  Interestingly I've found no need to supplement the meat and vegs with any goats milk or cereals.  They have been able to process the meals without any indigestion or problems.  Yeah, raw diet!  They are now eating about 3  pounds of raw mix a day divided into 4 meals.  
Here they are with their first chicken backs.  They went to it with gusto.  TinTin waited patiently while they ate hoping for a bit of the left overs.. which of course there were some.

Yum yum chicken backs...

Nickel, due to the huge caloric need for nursing gets to have breakfast in bed....

Of course they continue at the Milk Bar but now with  Outdoor Dining....


And there's always time to learn how to Counter Surf!

 BUT The Biggest Surprise of ALL.......

Grandma TinTin deciding to help with nursing!
Maybe if we sidle up....
So a little schmoozing...

Now we're getting somewhere!

I think it was her Granny Bun that tipped her over the edge...