April 22 Day 43 Begin Week 6

Begin Last Trimester

A lot is going on in the next 3 weeks!  Just last night there was a dramatic difference in Nickel's behavior.  She was uncomfortable all night trying to adjust her positioning to accomodate the puppies,  I'm sure that they're now pushing on her lungs.  If she moved into a certain position she'd gag and cough.  She also spent the night practically on top of me.   She got me out of bed at 2am to go potty, not something she normally does.  Thinking about how big the puppies are now it's no surprise especially when considering the number.  Through this last trimester the puppies are going to grow even more rapidly and we will see Nickel's belly grow ... and grow.. and grow... I hope the next three weeks aren't too rough on our girl.
Here's a picture I took this morning of her Buddha Belly:
She found being on her back was the most comfortable position.

I finally clipped Nickel down last night and took off about 4 inches of hair on her jacket and bracelets.  I'll be leaving the hair on her back and head so that I can continue growing her hair into a full continental.   Having the hair off her sides and belly will help keep things neat and tidy during delivery and afterward.  I'll give her a complete shave of face, feet and around the jacket today so that she can be free of grooming through the next  month. She'll get a quick bath after delivery but that will be it for a while.  I also want to be sure that there's enough time for some regrowth of hair on her belly... those puppy claws are very sharp!   

I've been taking Nickel's Belly picture during our morning walk.  In the last few days the other poos have figured out that Nickel 's been getting a lot of extra attention on that particular street corner.  I think I mentioned earlier that Eureka seems to have appeared in the most recent pictures..... welll....  the whole gang decided that it's time to get involved!   They wouldn't leave us alone.. ha ha ha.....

Dear blind Corsa Bella couldn't figure out how to maneuver around Nickel

April 21 Day 42

Busy work week... Seems like Nickel is growing faster than I can keep up with her ;)  She's slowed down a little bit and is having to put a little effort into jumping in the car.  She's still active and playing but taking lots of breaks.

Found a picture of TinTin when she was 40 days pregnant.... Nickel's in that belly some where!
That patch of hair on her back was a Heart... looked good from above but from the side looks a bit strange.. ha ha ha