May 1 Day 52- Happy May Day!

From Buddha Belly To Booby Belly

TinTin was in an agility trial today.  It was a GORGEOUS day with clear sky and (can you imagine?!) the SUN.  I was going to leave all the girls at home and just  bring Tinny but decided last minute to bring everyone.  Everyone inlcudes Boomer, Mica's sister (TinTin's granddaugher and Nickel's niece); Nickel; Eureka; Mica; TinTin and Corsa.   We had a fabulous time running and playing in the vast fields joined to the agility facilities...  Ah... TinTin's runs... they weren't that successful :)  I blamed it on the fact that She thinks that she's pregnant.  My God!  Who would expect a pregnant girl to jump, duck, skip and climb?   Truth is... she's TinTin and really didn't feel like exerting herself today.  Hey.  She's a girl who knows what she wants and isn't shy about letting me know.  She definitely wasn't on her game today but she had a good time...and so did the rest of the gang.   It wasn't an easy dynamic considering I had 1 pregnant girl, 1 13 year old, 1 always-stressed girl, 2  9 month old puppies and TinTin.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!!! :)

Boomer is with us for a few days because her mom had a  HUMAN baby!!!  Congratulations Jen and Adam for a Truly  Beautiful baby girl!!!!!  Trust me!  I don't say that easily because I definitely don't usually think that Human babies are as cute as Poodle babies.  This one was a beauty!   Anyway,   Boomer will be with us for a little while so that Mom and Dad can adjust to their new little one.   Boomer and Mica are like Frick and Frack,  Abbot and Costello, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.... they play nonstop, adore each other. 

Well,  the real news about the weekend is that Nickel's sister, Dancer did a stellar job in Agility.  She Q'd (qualified) in several events and got some lovely placement ribbons (Including at least on 1st  place)  She and Diana make an awesome team... which was clear to everyone watching their runs.  It was a great feeling to watch them and realize that I could bask in their hard work and success (hey,  I'm the breeder!  LOL)

Ok  on to the boobies...
There was a definite shift over night in Nickel's physique.  She went from being a pregnant fhat to having mammaries that were quite distinct.  

New stage for Nickel is the increase in mammary size and development of milk.