June 2 DAY 22

It's A Free For ALL!!!!

Head Line NEWS!!!!.... 

Puppies Go On a Free For All... FOOD FIGHT!!!!!

While feeding Nickel in the Whelping Box two puppies decided to Partake.  They were VERY interested in what Mama was eating and went for the gusto.  It didn't take long for all the puppers to become distracted from the Milk Bar and go find out what was happening at the Raw Bar.  Mom didn't seem to mind much (she probably didn't realize that she competing against a School of Puppy Piranhas). Obviously I'm easily fooled as well and soon found myself bring more plates of food.  Alas, the puppies didn't show any social graces as they dived into the food.  

MOM didn't have a chance!!!

Just yesterday I realized that I'd never keep up with Nickel's caloric intake (of 4 pounds of raw food a day) and ordered delivery of  Darwin's Raw Dog Food .  It's quite a bit more expensive than the food I feed my girls.  Opposed to my home ground  'Cuisinart,' mixed and measured Glop, it's a complete meal: a complete mix of fruit/veg/meat/mineral/vitamin.  

Well, in light of then new gastronomic delights of the puppers,   I'm excited to say that Darwin's "degree of grind" makes it the perfect Puppy meal.  In the past I've had to mix and process my own (a very lengthy and messy ordeal!).  With 9 puppies, the Darwin will be well worth the extra cost.

OY... this is only the beginning!