June 18 Day 38

MORE changes to the puppies' environment

I added a tent to the deck due to impending bad weather.  It's a cozy spot where the puppies can play and people visit... and stay dry.  It's been a miserably wet summer.
Room with a view.  In the tent looking out to the yard.
Momma content to nurse puppies in her new home away from home.

Eureka safely snuggled in where puppies can't bother her.

And More Visitors

David and Carol come for a puppy fix....

Very stressed out puppy

June 17 Day 37

NOISE = Puppy Adaptation

Here's a picture the house next door taken from the deck.  There has been construction going on for the past few days... which will continue for a week.

The first time the saw started, the puppies ran for the deck.  They quickly adapted to all the sights and sounds of construction: hammers, people climbing on ladders, saws, drills, wood dropping....

The owners of the house apologized for all the noise.  They thought it very strange that I was thrilled by the chaos :)

Obviously terribly up set puppy

Visitors come...despite the noise

Anne Frangooles and her three great kids come for a puppy visit.  They own Rhodi (Alchmy's Royale Super  Rhodium Power).  Rhodi and Mica had a great time playing.  The kids had fun being eaten by puppy piranhas.

Super Rhodium Power vs The Mighty Micha

Corsa tries to get in on the action

June 16 Day 36

Rearranging Puppy Room...

Time to change things around to accommodate the development  and growth of the puppies.

They've out grown the whelping box; preferring to sleep on the dog beds and playing on the floor.  Half the room is a sitting and play area and the other half crates.  This is the beginning of getting the puppies used to time in the crates.  They will be left open so puppies can come and go.
Tight squeeze to get all the crates set up.  

Pee pads are on the floor surrounding the sitting areas... this encourages the puppies to use the pads over their play area.


June 15 Day 35 WEEK 5

Grand Mom TinTin

Puppies are 5 weeks old today and Grand mom TinTin is still helping Nickel with the puppies.   She takes her job very seriously!
No, this isn't Nickel... it's TinTin!

Happy Puppies