June 24 Day 44

Lynne Visited from California this weekend.  She had time to get to know all the puppies despite the fact that most had lost their collars by now.  I'm not sure she believed me that I could tell all the puppies apart.  She'd hold up a puppy and say, which one? and I'd tell her (after a quick study).  I'm pretty sure she thought I was making it all up ;)  Sometimes it would take me a few tries before I got it right....

She and I took the pupsters for their first walk around the block.  We took two-three at a time.

For the most part the pups were a little hesitant leaving the driveway.  They were all quick to adjust and come trotting along with tails up.  Blaze took a little more convincing than the rest.  He got down to the first corner and high tailed it back to the house.. ha ha ha.  We gathered him up and convinced him that it wasn't such a bad thing.  He came along with enthusiasm after that.