June 7 Day 27

OH Mighty Mica 
You're at it again....

Nine Little Puppy Faces

Blaze and Purple

and Thirty Six Tiny Feet were shaved today.  It was a quick and dirty job but someone had to do it ;)  The purpose of this wasn't to make them look pretty but to start getting them used to being groomed.  The most important aspect of shaving, at this point, is to keep the puppy happy.  They sat in my lap and got a little buzz here and a little buzz there.  They all did well... hardly noticing what was going on.  This is typical for the age and why it's an ideal time to start.  In another week they will begin to get much more fussy and wiggly and it becomes a struggle if they aren't already familiar with the 'game.'  I had already, for the past week, been running the clipper (not the blade) over their bodies while it was running so they could feel the vibration. 
No pictures of the 'event' since both my hands were tied up.  LOL.. but here are a few new faces.....

Blue and yellow
? and ?

? and white
Pink and Yellow

TinTin asked that I put her picture here because she's not getting enough air time....