May 6 Day 56

Big girlie but still wanting to play :)

Just doing it in slow motion !!!!

7 days still to go????!!!

By Joanne Wike
K9 Nose Work focuses on encouraging and developing natural scenting abilities while using the desire to hunt
and joy of treats, toys, and activity. Dogs learn to search for specific odors under a controlled step by step procedure while their people learn to read their signals. Boxes and treats or toys are used in the beginning. A scent (birch) is later introduced and searches include cars, outdoor settings, and entering a room. It progressively becomes more complex with different scents and more difficult searches. Some "hides" are in streams or buried. K9 Nose Work is becoming popular very quickly as people see their shy or frenzied dog focus and become confident, or like Bosun the Corgi that is losing use of his back legs and was dying from boredom. He uses a cart and now lives for nose work, one of the best in the class. If anyone is interested

The films of Stoli use a birch scent on a q-tip in a small tin with holes in the top. It also has a magnet so I can attach it under things or to surfaces. He made these look incredibly easy but our new class has us stepping things up and working on techniques.

Joanne and Stoli are waiting to hear if they got into a Nose Work Trial that is coming up soon.  This is the very first trial of it's kind in this area and according to Joanne, "K9 NW is growing too fast! They can't keep up with all the people that want to compete. There were about 66 places altogether, 33 taken and a draw this afternoon for the remaining places ...well over 200 requests, minutes after lines were open to apply."  

Cross your fingers that they make it in the Draw!!  I know that they'll kick Poodle Butt in the trail!