July 12 Day 62


 :^(                    :^)

Alchmys Absolut Pleasure
(formally known as Pink)

Goes to live With Diana & Jay and Elly & Dancer.  Rush is going to live an amazing life as a beloved family member and an agility Poo.  Dancer is Rush's Auntie (and Nickel's Sister).  Both Elly and Dancer are already accomplished agility stars so Rush has some mighty big paws to follow.  If you'd like to learn more about this talented family you can follow this link:  Flying Poodles

Pink was chosen for Diana because he was a perfect small package made for agility.  He has the structure and temperament to fit the bill.  He is an energizer bunny with non stop energy and determination.  He's fearless, eager to work, strong toy and tug drive and athletic.  On top of that he's a snuggle bug :)

Nickel has a feeling something is up

Getting ready to leave... I think Nickel has something to say to Diana!

Ironically,  Pink Puppy has been the first to leave in every litter....

July 11 Day 61

This Video says it all......

July 10 Day 60

Faces were shaved and Finally!  I am able to tell everyone which puppy their getting!  What a hard decision.  I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't keep them all...Dang.  There's always a part of me that has a hard time believing that the time is coming to a close.  Here are pics of all the beautiful babies... oops... two don't have their faces shaved yet ;^)

Pink (he has a face somewhere under there!)









Pictures taken by Bob Schola

Robyn, Bob and I had the brilliant idea that we'd get the puppies sitting in a row for a final family picture.  ha ha ha.... It was a rodeo trying to round up the puppies.  At one point we tried to coral them in the blue tunnel but the faster they were shoved into one end they were escaping out the other.  

July 09 Day 59

t's been a ridiculous week since I last posted.  I have been incredibly busy working with the pups.  Up at 430 and to bed at 10pm.  Instead of writing, I've been working with the puppies getting them socialized and crate training them.  They have all been out on their own many times.  I've brought them to hardware stores, supermarkets, parks, etc.  They are all bold and confident making the work well worth while.  In addition puppy owners have been coming to the house to visit.

Finally had some hot enough weather to get the puppies playing with water but not warm enough for them to attempt swimming.  To be honest, I've never had success getting puppies to play in a kiddie pool but it was fun to watch them try to figure out the sprinkler and at least see that water is more than something to drink ;)

Little did they know... a Real water adventure was just around the corner.....

July 4 Day 54


Mica's sister, Rhodi came into 'season' so I took her for a few days.  It was a lot of fun to get to have her 'back home.'  She didn't skip a beat feeling at home with the Pack.  It was quite amazing to see her and Mica together.  If I didn't know better I'd never believe that they were siblings!
Later that evening Mica went to stay with his Auntie Cat.  We didn't want any Oopies  happening between the two.
That night she slept on the bed with the rest of the Gang.
Corsa   Rhodi   Nickel

Next visitor for the day:

Nellie and her beautiful Toy Girl CoCoa Channel
LOL  Puppy is bigger

July 3 day 53

And a few more little ones...

July 2 Day 52

Staring Tierney and Ian




July 1 Day 51

Claudia came up with a great new game for the puppers.  We strung toys on a rope and watched the Pirrhanas BITE!   Sit back and watch the action....

The Game Was So Fun....
that everyone got involved.  Even Corsa.

And when it was all over the Pirrhanas turned back into Little Angels

June 30 Day 50

A Little Video Clip  ...just for your entertainment
(do yourself a favor and turn the volume down before you play this...)

and later that day...

June 29 Day 49!! Seven Weeks

Can you believe that this is the first day I don't have pictures?  Day 49 is a hallmark date for puppies.  This is the day that their personalities start to solidify and their place in the pack starts to become clear.... at least in their minds :0D

Nickel continues to wean them and they are eating 3-4 very hardy solid meals a day.  Between all 9 puppies they are going through over 3 pounds of raw meat a day.  IOW they're eating me out of house and home... ha ha ha.

The reason there aren't any pictures was because I was back to work yesterday... I ended up having a case (that should have been 4 hours) last 9 hours.  By the time I got home and took care of puppy business I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures.  Actually I was in the mood to take them I just didn't have the energy to go in the house for the camera ;^) 
The really amazing thing is this!  The puppies figured out how to push open the cat door (that goes out to the deck and fenced yard).  Apparently they let themselves out to poop!  The pee pads were soaked but there wasn't one poopy in the room.  I was quite amazed.  They have been 90% consistent in going to the door and peeing on the pads and have very very rarely pooped inside.  Good Puppies! :)
Now aren't you glad there are no pictures for the day?

June28 Day 48


Taking the pupsters out for walks by themselves now.  They are all a little hesitant to leave the driveway but quickly lift their tails and trot along with me.  There's still construction going on next door so it's no wonder that they hold back a little.. at first.

I've had people ask me how I can walk all 5 of my girls off leash.  I've had people ask how I can keep them from going into the street.  I've had people ask how I can keep them from chasing squirrels or cats during our walks.  I think I  know now.  Every time these puppies walk with me without a leash they are practicing 'You Choose.'   It's interesting that there's a new training technique given this title.  The whole premise of the technique is that you let the dog choose its behavior and reward it for the one "you" want it to reinforce.   Now I can see that by letting young puppies walk with me (leash free and command free) I am letting it decide that walking next to me is the 'BEST' choice it can make.  It soon becomes a natural pattern and a natural behavior.  At this early age it's not Magic or especially brilliant training... it's simply allowing the puppy to do what comes naturally.