July 12 Day 62


 :^(                    :^)

Alchmys Absolut Pleasure
(formally known as Pink)

Goes to live With Diana & Jay and Elly & Dancer.  Rush is going to live an amazing life as a beloved family member and an agility Poo.  Dancer is Rush's Auntie (and Nickel's Sister).  Both Elly and Dancer are already accomplished agility stars so Rush has some mighty big paws to follow.  If you'd like to learn more about this talented family you can follow this link:  Flying Poodles

Pink was chosen for Diana because he was a perfect small package made for agility.  He has the structure and temperament to fit the bill.  He is an energizer bunny with non stop energy and determination.  He's fearless, eager to work, strong toy and tug drive and athletic.  On top of that he's a snuggle bug :)

Nickel has a feeling something is up

Getting ready to leave... I think Nickel has something to say to Diana!

Ironically,  Pink Puppy has been the first to leave in every litter....


  1. oh, this is kind of bittersweet. good luck to the handsome boy. he is off to a good life!

  2. Eureka has something to say too: "Can I help push you, I mean, HELP YOU, into the car, little boy?"