April 23 continued...

News.... TinTin is pregnant... well... she thinks she is.. ha ha ha.  TinTin has been certain that the puppies that are coming are going to be hers.  She's starting to glow.   Last night she crawled into my side and nestled in.  She's become very needy and sits and stares with a far off look.  It's pretty cute.  She tells me the only down side to having a false pregancy is that she's not getting all those extra meals.

In the mean time, Nickel is starting to do a little huffing and puffing when jumping into the car or onto the bed.  As a matter of fact she's taken to climbing up via Corsa's step.   Take a look a her pic and you'll understand why.

 Waist measured 24 1/2 inches in morning and 25 inches same evening....

April 23 Day 44

My New Logo!
Alchmy Poodle by my friend Lena

Lynne,  In response to your comment.... here's a typical sight in the neighborhood.  We walk leash free in the mornings.  I know some people will be unhappy with the thought but... it's just the way it is ;^)   When people are walking toward or coming up behind us the girls know to sit and wait for them to pass.  They know they're not allowed in yards, just the grassy strip next to the road, and they can't roam too far ahead.  One command is 'stay with' which means they have to walk behind me.  They also have to sit at the curb before crossing the street.  Here's what it looks like  (of course most of them have to carry something in their mouth during the 'parade.'
Mica,  Nickel,  Eureka, TinTin and Corsa

One day I was standing with them like this, waiting for the puppy to sit, and I looked over my shoulder to see a patrol car creeping up behind me.  I took a big gulp and prepared to get a hefty ticket for having 5 dogs off leash.  He rolled down his window and said, "I just had to stop because I couldn't believe my eyes."  and drove away.  Phew!