May 9 Day 60

Let Us Outta Here!!!

It's not that easy to see... LOL.. and it's sideways... but if you have patients and eagle eyes you can see the puppies moving in the video below.

Joanne and Stoli Make The Cut!!
Great news for Joanne and Stoli!  They made the cut for the Box Work Trial~  Cindy and Luna made it too.  I'm glad they'll be there to give each other moral support.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to show the video again and add the descriptions that Joanne gave me.  The video was spliced together but for the three scenes you will see a synopsis of what was happening and why:
1.  Car search:  Car is unknown to Stoli.  "We have learned to circle the car.  Both hides were with birch scent only.  The first hide was out of sight and the second hide was camoplaged on the silver wheel plate.  He is obviously ready to move on!"
2.  Outside search:  Hidden in tall grass at the base of the tree.  Noitce that he needs to check the paarameters (boxes, etc) but had already caught the scent."
3.  The scent was in the black tube.  He caught the scent coming out and then tracked it back.