June 30 Day 50

A Little Video Clip  ...just for your entertainment
(do yourself a favor and turn the volume down before you play this...)

and later that day...

June 29 Day 49!! Seven Weeks

Can you believe that this is the first day I don't have pictures?  Day 49 is a hallmark date for puppies.  This is the day that their personalities start to solidify and their place in the pack starts to become clear.... at least in their minds :0D

Nickel continues to wean them and they are eating 3-4 very hardy solid meals a day.  Between all 9 puppies they are going through over 3 pounds of raw meat a day.  IOW they're eating me out of house and home... ha ha ha.

The reason there aren't any pictures was because I was back to work yesterday... I ended up having a case (that should have been 4 hours) last 9 hours.  By the time I got home and took care of puppy business I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures.  Actually I was in the mood to take them I just didn't have the energy to go in the house for the camera ;^) 
The really amazing thing is this!  The puppies figured out how to push open the cat door (that goes out to the deck and fenced yard).  Apparently they let themselves out to poop!  The pee pads were soaked but there wasn't one poopy in the room.  I was quite amazed.  They have been 90% consistent in going to the door and peeing on the pads and have very very rarely pooped inside.  Good Puppies! :)
Now aren't you glad there are no pictures for the day?