APRIL 1 ... FOOLS DAY aka WEEK 3 aka Day 22

Working on the Puppy Development Time Line.   Having a hard time figuring out how to post it.

I'm Really very pretty much for sure convinced that Nickel is preggers.
1.  she's gained 2 pounds in the past 3 weeks!
2.  If you could see how she walks... Like a sailor  and Sits... Like a cowboy.. You'd be sure too :)  Her hips are as loose as you could imagine a girl who starred in the previous videos!

For the past few days she's been very low in energy and the last out of bed.  Today she's shown more spunk and played quite a bit with Mica.  Her behavior fits well with where she'd be in her pregnancy.  In the past two days her 'eggs' would have been implanting in her uterus and that usually brings on some nausea and discomfort.  By today they should be well situated.

I've had a hard time getting excited about this pregnancy since her last one didn't 'take.' I'm sure many of you will remember the disappointment I faced and the horrible experience she and I had with the incompetent vet who did the surgical implant.  At the time I couldn't let myself belief that someone would make such a series of mistakes  in the procedure.  In a nutshell I suspected that he not only was completely ignorant about the timing of a Frozen Insemination but that he mishandled the semen.  Well...... As it turns out, I recently learned that the State of Washington suspended his license!   A lesson learned about trusting your gut.  The silver lining in this story is that had Nickel's breeding 'taken' we wouldn't have had Ico's litter.  I adore all of the puppies from this litter.  I get to see most of them on a regular basis and of course, I have Mica.  He is an incredible boy and is going to be an asset to poodle breedings in the future.  I guess some things are truly meant to be.

I'm also totally excited about having puppies from the combination of Nickel and Stoli.  I think it's going to be an exciting combination.  Stoli's Joie De Vivre and Nickel's common sense and absolute stability.  We're all looking forward to seeing a few more 'number 9' tails too ;0D    I'll be keeping the tails natural.. which means  LONG and  I suspect that they aren't going to be very straight.