June 1 Day 21 WEEK THREE


Puppies are developing in leaps and bounds.  The puppies are starting to interact with each other.  They are growling, barking, wagging, pawing and mouthing each other.  They are miniature poodles....without the hair :)

They are moving around with much more balance and coordination.  Sometimes even making little dashes across the whelping box...ending in a big Poodle Puppy Jam of course.

Nickel surprised me today.  I was wondering why she was letting the puppies bark and bark and bark...  Obviously they were HUNGRY!!!!!   I was just starting to think that she'd 'called it quits,'  when she entered the box and started to nurse.  Well... three hours later:  Bark Bark Bark Ignore Ignore Ignore...Nurse.  Three hours later:  Bark Bark Bark Ignore Ignore Ignore...Nurse.  THEN I GOT IT (see I'm clearly not as smart as my girls!!! :)   She was waiting until the puppies stopped DEMANDING TO BE FED... and settled into a nice 'quiet pile of puppies' before she entered the box to feed them.  Man-O-Man is she making our jobs easier in the future!
Poodle Puppy Conspiracy Theory:  Mom is not always on our side.

And WHO won this battle?! :)