Day 63..... DAY 1 !

It's the first day of the rest of their lives

Their first Poop
 It's Mamma's job to clean up after the puppies.   For the next month Mom will make sure the nest/whelping  box is kept spic and span. 

 First Dinner party
While normally you don't see a monkey eating with poodles,  this special guest has been a friend of the family for years.

 First Nipple
Sometimes it takes a new puppy a number of tries before it figures out how to nurse.  These puppies come from a long line of healthy eaters... it didn't take them long to learn where the Milk Bar was.

 First Introduction
First puppy Born and Nickel wasn't quite sure who... or What... the puppy was.  Having the puppy nurse quickly introduces the two.

First Nap
Puppies love to drape over mom's legs.  It's very very good for puppies to have lumps and bumps to lay on.  It actually helps them develop normally.

 First Bath
Mom will be constantly cleaning the puppies, not only does it keep them clean, it strengthens the bond between them.

First Car Ride
The morning of their first day, Mom and puppies went to the vet.  Puppies are kept warm in a heated box.  Mom was xrayed to make sure we didn't miss a puppy and the vet checked the puppies lungs & heart and maked sure they didn't have cleft palates.

First Family...... Growing strong so they can move in with their Second and Last Family.
For the next 10 weeks the puppies will have a huge world to explore.  They will go on many field trips to parks to meet people, people's houses to meet cats, and lakes to swim and explore.  They will be introduced to stairs, different surfaces, all different sounds, a vary of foods (mostly raw meaty types), children and other dogs..... but the real education will begin when they go to their new homes.  What's wonderful is that they will become a part of the huge extended family of Alchmy puppy owners and alllll of their friends.