STOLI:  DomTotem Yalkuskiy Almaz

Stoli has had the following testing done.  Only two of these results have been added to the OFA site:

PennHip: 70th Percentile  DI .34/.41 no radiographic evidence of DJD
OFFA Hip: Good
OFFA Elbow: Normal
OFFA Patella: Normal
CERF: Normal
SA: Clear
NE: Clear
DM: Clear
Vwd: Clear
JRD: Pending

Stoli carries for colors:
this means he can carry for Fawn/Sable and Brindle patterns

Stoli Pedigree Data:

Stoli's Dad:              
DomTotem Cheshirskiy Kot:
DOB:  3/15/1999
Height:  23.6 inches
Hips: B
He is still in excellent health.

Stoli's Mom:
Dom Totem Kalink Malinka
She has won Best Bitch and Best Of Breed this past February in the biggest dog show in Russia.  She is still in excellent health.

Stoli at Work:  The Cosmopolitan 

The Causal Stoli:  Neither Shaken Nor Stirred


Snoozing with the Alchmy Clan

True Bliss

Stoli and his Buddies:  On Ice
Stoli and Mica
 Stoli and Corsa
Stoli between TinTin and Nickel

Stoli and Belle'
 Stoli and Eureka
Stoli and Olivia

STOLI IN MOTiON:  High and Dry
April 2011

He loves his retrieving!

7 weeks... In Russia

First arrival in US at 8 wks... his litter brother is in the background

Before coming to Seattle (around 8-9months):

1 year
 On his way to Sequim..... to his forever home with Joanne, Jack and Belle'

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