May 11 Day 62

Unfortunately because the Blog server had problems my entry for the rest of the night was lost.  Instead of trying to recreate it I want to spend my time catching up with what's happening Now.  So!  To make a long story short :)

Puppies started arriving at 11am and the last was delivered at 9pm.  Nickel did a fabulous job of delivering the puppies about every 45 minutes with a few long naps in between.  We now have 9 beautiful, healthy and robust puppies!  5 girls and 4 boys.  It looks like there are several Silvers and the rest are Blues.  Nickel is a blue and her mom is a silver... so basically you can see that the puppies will probably grow up to be the same gorgeous silver color.  I was incredibly happy and relieved that all the puppies survived.  Since Nickel is 5 years old and this is her first litter I was a little worried ... especially knowing it was a large litter.   She is a robust girlie and did an amazing job.
Into a new world

Blue- first born
FIRST PUPPY BORN 11:00am    GIRL 14 0z  

2nd  Girl 
3rd Boy
4th Girl
5th Girl

so far...  all looking healthy and robust... averaging about 45 minutes each...............more to come!

Nickel feeling a contraction.... the puppies nursing helps to induce labor

Looking pretty good and fresh after the first few puppies