April 19 Day 40

Quiet/Quite a day today.

Had an agility lesson for TinTin... first one in a YEAR!  OMG.  It was fabulous.  I just adore my instructor Andrea Dexter .  She's the one, btw, who did the herding and jumping films.  She is a Zen Master in all that she does.  I left the lesson inspired to get back into training.  TinTin will be in the Poodle Agility Trial next weekend and that's the main reason I scheduled the lesson.  I figured (duh) that we should at least re-familiarize ourselves with a course :0G   TinTin will be competing in the Excellent Level.  She's been incredible as she's Qualified in almost every trial we've participated in... despite the lack of practice.  She makes me look good :o)    Anyway,  It was a gorgeous day and after the lesson I took all the kids to a local dog park for a romp.

At the park I met an interesting women from the Czech Republic.  She was there without her dog;  a 17 year old Giant Schnauzer.  Wow.  As we chatted we found out that we'd both lost our husbands in 1995 and that it had been our beloved dogs that had kept us a live.  It was quite a tearful and inspirational conversation.  She asked me about puppies but admitted that she was too much in the midst of chaos to get one.  It was therapeutic to meet someone else who was still so emotionally effected by a loss so long ago.. and to have had her dog 'save her life'... just as I had with Corsa.  Our dogs are amazing beings.

Anyway... Here's Big Mama playing with Little Big Man: