April 17 Day 38

Belly measures 23 1/2 today

We're all going swimming today since it's Corsa's water therapy day.  I figured that Nickel will enjoy the warm water.  She didn't swim in the cold lake with her mother and nephew yesterday.. the little wimp...LOL.  I know that both Ico and TinTin enjoyed swimming when they were pregnant.  I think it feels good to get the exercise and take the weight off their feet at the same time.  I'll try to take some pictures today.

I learned about Dog Water Therapy years ago when I started bringing Corsa to Cindy Horsfall.  Sadly for us she moved to Sequim but in  6 Degrees Of Separation she is now friends with Stoli and Belle's owners Joanne and Jack.  It's a small world.  If you want more information about Cindy's work and her spa Click Here.