MAY 24 DAY 13

Lots going on today!

Someone has brought to my attention that I haven't posted enough puppy pictures lately...  You know who you are!  ha ha ha ;^)
and You're right!!! So I'll dedicate this blog to lots of pictures and even a video.

Mr Yellow

Ms Teal

Most of the puppies eyes finished opening today.  The break through was lead by Miss Green.  In TinTin's litter... when Nickel was born... her sister Ico was the first to open her eyes and guess what?  She was Green collar too ;)  guess it's a family tradition.


Takes a little while to figure out what limbs belong to whom!  clockwise starting at 9 o'clock: Black, Blue and White

Black  with his baseball mitt

Green and Pink

Auntie Cat brought the puppies a pink Looooong poodle doll.  The puppies love to drape over it.  You might have noticed that the whelping box frequently looks like the towels are tossed and turned.  I actually do this on purpose.  The lumps and bumps give the puppies something to drape over (very important for their structural development) and it gives them obstacles to move around and over (very important for their balance, dexterity and mental development).  Having the lumpy bumpy pink and curly just makes it all the better :)

Today was the first day I noticed PUPPY BREATH!!! YEAH!  Not sure what in their development causes this.  It's a sweet soft wonderful aroma.

This is a video of Ms. Green.  All the puppies are walking around like little puppy dogs already!  I can't believe it but one even sat down to scratch it's ear with it's hind foot.  Wow.  Anyway. I love this video because you can see Ms. Green's  " gears" going to work while she tries to figure things out.  Finally in the end she crashes with her siblings.