April 8 Day 29 Begin Week 4

Found this in the archives.. apparently didnt get posted.....

Here's the picture in bed today... that's Mica on the left, Boomer on the right... and of course Nickel in the foreground.

Nickel has been doing a lot of Belly Up  the past few days.  Her mom and Ico did the same thing once they were on their way.  I suppose it could be partially due to puppy discomfort but I wonder if it's a behavior that is stimulated by pregnancy... getting her prepared to expose those milk machines to the puppers.    She is still incredibly clingy and vying for attention more than ever.  She's back to her normal energy level and I'm going to start getting some exercise under her belt (gently of course :)   I don't want her to turn into a couch potato.  She's also very sensitive about being touched on her stomach.  If she's touched she sucks her stomach in.  I thought it's probably a great abdominal exercise.. ha ha ha.